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The Heads-Up display or HUD is one important gameplay element in Unfortunate Spacemen. For players, it's necessary to watch the display during their actions in the game.

Spacemen HUD[edit | edit source]

The display shows the following important information for players of the Spacemen:

  • Color: Every round, the player receives a random color, which is the player's identity - which must be protected.
  • Health: Must not be neglected and hit zero. If that happens, the player dies.
  • Oxygen: As important as the health bar. Loss of oxygen finally will result in suffocation and death. If the player runs out of oxygen, there will be a warning top-middel-screen.
  • Top-left-screen - with [TAB] players can have a look at the Spaceman Objectives
  • To the right, the player can see if a Keycard is owned or not.
  • Below the keycard icon, players can see which Weapon is in use.
  • In the middle of the screen at the bottom - players can see which actions can be done - usually in pressing [E]. (Like picking something up or opening/closing doors)

Monster HUD[edit | edit source]

The display of the Monster HUD is slightly different to the one of the Spacemen, although it shares many similarities:

  • Color: Since the Monster starts off as one of the Spacemen, it also has a random identity color. To disguise, the monster can change this color, but also back to its own color.
  • Monster Health: In monster form this is the only bar that takes damage. If this is reaching zero, the monster will die.
  • Spacemen Health: This is the health bar for the Spacemen disguise. If this is reaching zero, the monster-spaceman will die.
  • Shapeshift Meter: This bar shows how long the shapeshift can hold form until the player will need to shift back into Monster-form. Reload the shapeshift meter in switching to monster form. It's generally advisable to do so when no one other is around. If the shapeshift meter reaches zero, the player automatically will shift back into monster-form, no matter where they are.
  • Tasks: Manipulate the Spacemen's objectives, kill them or make them kill each other. Spacemen should not reach the Rescue Shuttle or the Monster's objective will be lost. Press [TAB] to check the status about the Spacemen alive and their objectives. This information shows top-left on the screen.
  • Objective waypoints: Some objectives have icons on them, they can be a sign for where the Spacemen might head next. Examples: Sealed Research Sample, Transmitter or switched off generators. Shows left-screen-side in the middle.
  • Interaction text: Shows what you can do and how. Bottom-center of the screen.
  • Current objectives/remaining Spacemen: top-center-screen
  • Items: You can carry two regular items and one gear item. Right-bottom-screen-corner.
  • Keycard status: Once a keycard is used, it goes on cooldown. The Monster-keycard has a bit of a faster cool down. Flashlight status is also shown here. Right-bottom-screen-corner.
  • Compass and Monster points: Right-top of the screen-corner - shows the direction which the monster is going and how much was scored by monster actions.

This article is a stub. You can help Unfortunate Spacemen Wiki by expanding it.