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There is a smorgasborg (it's a word, look it up.) of items available to spacemen provided by the company for free! (Mostly free.). These items can confuse, injure, maim, burn, explode, blind, and or suffocate other spacemen. So handle with care!

Pistol: That's it, a pistol. Shoot doors, eggs, the sky, other spacemen. All round fun toy.
Noise grenade: Makes shooty noises. Confuses other spacemen, may possibly scare the monster, but mostly will get you shot for a sorry attempt at humor.
Stun Grenade: Blind your friends! Blind the monster! Blind yourself! Yet another item that will get you shot just for wielding it.
Grenade: Explodes. Totally boring, but on the other hand, many laughs can be had as you play hot potato with other spacemen. Ask Zag about his Cosmic Screw up.
Flare gun: It shoots a flare that informs the other spacemen that you found a flare gun and discharged it. More than likely in an unsafe manner and towards another spacemen.
Salt sti..Stun Baton: Tragics most favorite tool in the game. Club other spacemen in order to gain their trust and improve moral! Well, your moral, but if someone is smiling it's working! Stuns spacemen for 4-5 seconds and prevents them from doing things other than running around screaming about how you're the monster and that everyone else should shoot you. They probably deserve a couple more upside the head but be careful, you have limited charges.
Salt Gun Shotgun: It's a shotgun. Totally boring.
Auto Shotty?!?: That's right baby! It's a gun (like the shotgun) that... well... shoots more!
SMG (space machine gun): Not exactly an assault rifle but it's like... imagine a baby assault rifle.
Health Syringe: This bad boy will cure anything and everything! (this includes: cuts, scars, open wounds, bites, colourblindness, and/or any weird things) and it can also be used to reveal the monster if disguised but where's the fun in that?
Railgun: We had those science nerds build us a laser gun and this is what they provided, this thing'll pack a punch. Seriously. It hurts.
Rocket Launcher: Do you have a monster invasion? Need to clear out those pesky rats? Annoying Neighbours? This Rocket Launcher is all you need to blast them all away! With... only one shot. Make it count!
Assault Rifle: Like shooting randomly into the sky? Do you like shooting other spacemen to check if they are the monster? Do you like shooting other spacemen in general? This is the gun for you!
FlameThrower: Bar Bee Que. Lighting up has never been so much fun!

MORE ITEMS TO BE HAD! I got bored and stopped. Ran out of beer.