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When a game begins, players will have a chance to play as Spacemen or the monster. Like the Spacemen, the monster also comes with certain perks, which it can use against the spacemen. Especially, the ability to shapeshift should be mentioned, the reason why Spacemen should guard their identity with all cost. When a game is started, the "quest" for the monster is rather easy: don't show yourself to the real spacemen, sabotage their escape from the space station, hide in plain sight.

To win a game, the monster should use all available tricks, like to shape shift or sabotage the station with the help of a remote arm.

When not in human form, the monster is easily to spot and can use its claws to defend itself.

  • Players can switch between disguises or transform into monster form.
  • The monster doesn't require Oxygen.

Keys[edit | edit source]

[G] = Change appearance
[C] = Switch to human form
[B] = Burrow
[V] = Shove
[Shift] = Map
[J] = View Self

Official game guide[edit | edit source]

We have scanned through historical security footage and have arrived at a conclusion that we believe you'll find interesting, if you have not already arrived at this conclusion yourself. You did not always have tentacles sprouting out of your face and extremities. You appeared with these extremities sometime around the last expedition. We have not informed the other Spacemen, as The Company believes in a strong privacy policy amongst its staff after multiple redundant lawsuits on the matter of Lavatory-Based-Surveillance strictly used for unconvering theft of company property. As we are not paid to examine or speculate on sudden changes to human physiology, we will refrain from doing so in any capacity outside of these conversations. We have directive to assist all spacemen employed by The Company. We are pleased to inform you that we will continue to do so despite your new appendages. On a more personal note; we will be cataloguing all of your physiological changes and milling over them in our spare time.
~ The official game guide description

About the prey:[edit | edit source]

The RESCUE SHUTTLE will be arriving soon, permitting the Transmitters are online and the Spacemen are not killed by accidents and/or paranoia and/or your new appendages. Due to your contamination, you will not be allowed on board the RESCUE SHUTTLE for very long after takeoff. Please do not prevent or sabotage efforts of your coworkers as they attempt to successfully turn on the Transmitters and secure the facility. The most obvious way to avoid doing this is by ensuring you DO NOT switch off Transmitters via the panel located on the backside of the unit.
~ The official game guide about the "prey".

Monster Perks[edit | edit source]

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Alternative skin[edit | edit source]