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Customization screen for Spacemen and Monster

The Spacemen in this game are really unfortunate. They are not only caught on a broken Spacestation, slowly running out of Oxygen and failing transmitters, but also the knowledge, there is something out there, that's probably going to kill them. It only can be advised to guard the own identity at all costs and be vigilant.

The Spacemen and Spacewomen of the galaxy are bold, adventurous, and often find themselves in the most unfortunate of predicaments. Former miners, soldiers, adventurers, researchers, traders, and explorers all find themselves on remote outposts of desolate worlds, surprisingly often. Well, mostly desolate. And not all that surprising, really. The Company sent you there, after all. Something has gone wrong, and you and your comrades have called for help. At least one of you are not who they claim to be.
~ Official guide

HUD[edit | edit source]

  • Color: You are assigned a random color every round. This is your identity. Guard it closely! if you see anyone pretending to be you... they probably aren't you.
  • Health: If this bar hits zero, you will die. Dying is bad... and costly!
  • Oxygen: If this bar hits zero, you will begin to suffocate and eventually die. Suffocation and eventually dying is also bad and equally as costly.

Game time and task[edit | edit source]

If the game time runs out and the Spacemen haven't completed enough objectives on board the rescue shuttle, the Spacemen lose. Objectives should be done before the Rescue Window closes (Time is money people!)

Press: [TAB] (default), to view the tasks and progress during a round.

Objective Waypoints[edit | edit source]

Some objectives have icons on them - like a sealed Research Sample, which is visible to everyone (looks like a green egg). A Transmitter that has been halted, will have a warning icon on it. When the power is out, generators will show a red lightning bolt icon if it has been turned on the lighting bolt icon will turn blue).

Interaction text[edit | edit source]

This will show up, when the player can interact with something and tell him, what he can do and how.

Oxygen notification[edit | edit source]

When entering areas without oxygen, a red notification will appear on top of the HUD. The edges on the visor will cover in ice and your oxygen bar will start to drain. If it hits zero you'll start to lose health until you die, a dead spaceman is a bad spaceman!

Items[edit | edit source]

A spaceman can carry up to 2 regular items, such as a Handgun (starting weapon) or a health syringe. Players also can carry 1 gear item, which is usually a passive or activated item, such as something simple like a Vision Enhancer to something with lots of power like a Suitcase Nuke

Keycard[edit | edit source]

All spacemen start with a Keycard (unless you have the Action hero Perk equipped or... you aren't a spaceman...) The keycard can be used to lock doors for a short period of time (if you use the Janitor Perk the Keycard can also be used to unlock doors immediately). Once used, there is a cooldown until it can be used again.

Compass and Employee points[edit | edit source]

In the upper right, players can see the direction they are facing, relative to the facility, the total amount of employee points you have worked so hard to earn also show up there (and with a bit of luck and after completing enough tasks, players can become "Employee of the month" at the end of the round!).

Current Perks[edit | edit source]

Your currently equipped perks can be seen by holding down the TAB key (they will show up on the right of the HUD)

Spacemen Perks[edit | edit source]

Available cosmetics[edit | edit source]

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