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Objectives are a core element in Unfortunate Spacemen. It might sound unfortunate, but the main task is to survive and not to get killed. The Monster, on the other hand, should sabotage the escape of the Spacemen.

As the company will always fail to inform you of what you need to accomplish in order to leave the station alive (Paying you is more expensive than insurance payouts. Who knew?), you'll need to complete 4 basic tasks to escape;

1. Find the research examples (green eggs in a tube. No ham, just eggs.) and seal them.

2. Stuff the research items into an E.M.E (Emergency Mass Ejection) (along with anyone else standing around. You're saving them from having to wait for the shuttle.)

3. Clean the launch pads. The janitor group left earlier (or he is too lazy to do his job, damned rapscallion!) Like rats on a sinking ship. So the job falls on the spacemen to clean up. (Who leaves pallets on a launch pad? The flamethrower works wonders for this job by the way, or if you are a janitor do your damned job and walk over the trash!)

4. Activate the communication array's and let them slowly but surely establish an uplink. The first person to do the thing to get them going gets points! So shoot, bludgeon, light on fire, or explode anyone trying to get those points before you do! Remember, the company always rewards people with high scores. Everyone else is a worthless slacker!

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